Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said on Friday that Ukraine would put an end to its gas dependency on Russia against all the odds. “We simply do not have another choice,” Yatsenuyk said, adding the loans of international financial institutions, including the World Bank, would help Ukraine to fight its economic and financial woos.

The Ukrainian government suggests applying sanctions to any transit via Ukraine’s territory, including air flights or gas transit, Yatsenyuk told journalists.

The Ukrainian government has also suggested imposing sanctions against 172 people, including Russians and citizens of other countries, as well as 65 companies predominantly Russian.

“The 172 individuals include the citizens of Russia and other countries while the 65 legal entities subject to sanctions are predominantly Russian,” Yatsenyuk told a briefing on Friday.

The cabinet of ministers has already handed over its sanctions list to Ukraine’s National Security Council, which is expected to make the final decision on penalties against Russia.

Yatsenyuk also said Ukraine had the right to impose 26 types of sanctions against Russia, including a freeze of assets; bans on activities and privatization of state property and the use of licenses as well as partial transit of resources.

He also pledged to launch a global search for the property of people who stood behind “the annexation of Crimea”.

“Ukraine is going to search the globe for the property of those who supported the annexation of Crimea,” Yatsenyuk said.