Maximum volume of reverse gas supplies from the territory of Slovakia to Ukraine at 10 billion cubic meters per year is expected to achieve in the spring of 2015, reported the official representative of the operator of the gas transportation system in Slovakia - company Eustream - Vahram Coughran. From September 1 this year will begin reverse gas supplies to Ukraine from the countries of Central Europe in the control mode, and from March 1, 2015, the pipeline will start shipping at a maximum capacity of 10 billion cubic meters a year," said Coughran. He noted that specialists Eustream finished the inspection of the technical state of the gas pipeline Uzhgorod - Vojny built 15 years ago, and complete work on the construction of an additional 400-meter pipeline to the Ukrainian border. A large part of the transit capacity of the new gas pipeline until 2019 bought Ukrainian state company Naftogaz. Coughran also reminded that during the Open Season procedure several firms have provided a binding application for pumping gas through this pipeline. To name specific firms, and their exact number of the representative Eustream refused, having referred to a trade secret, saying only that the number of such firms is from five to 10. Earlier on Thursday, the media reported that the reverse gas supplies from EU to Ukraine in the past two weeks was reduced to 7 million cubic meters per day if possible 18 million cubic meters. Also the Ministry of energy of the country accuses Russia of pressure on suppliers, as in "Naftogaz of Ukraine" consider that in Europe are preparing for the winter, storing additional volumes in underground storage. The European Commission has already stated that he considers the agreement on the reverse of gas to Ukraine from Poland, Hungary and Slovakia relevant legislation. In April the head of Gazprom Alexei Miller stated that the idea of reverse gas supplies from Europe to Ukraine raises questions: physical reverse is hardly possible, as a "virtual" requires consideration from the point of view of legality. 16 June from 10.00 am Moscow time Gazprom has introduced the mode of payment for the supply and ceased to supply gas to Ukraine. The pipeline is only intended for transit to Europe blue fuel in the amount of 185 million cubic meters per day. The Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev said that the new Kiev guide artificially created gas crisis, which ultimately will hit the Ukrainian economy.