Gas prices for consumers will be revised upwards as early as the first quarter of 2015.

This is stated in the transitional provisions of the Law on State Budget for 2015, published in the newspaper “Voice of Ukraine”, writes “UNIAN”.

As noted, viewing make National Commission regulation in the energy sector and utilities to reduce the deficit “Naftogaz Ukraine”.

“The National Commission for state regulation in the energy and utilities in the first quarter of 2015 to review the price of natural gas to consumers in order to reduce the deficit Public Joint Stock Company “NAK” Naftogaz of Ukraine “and provide the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, financing the full benefits and subsidies to the public”.

As earlier reported, Prime Minister of Ukraine Yatsenyuk said that the Cabinet has to accelerate the transition in gas tariffs for households to market levels, making changes to an existing schedule increase in energy costs 4 times by 2017.

According to the government, the 2014 deficit “Naftogaz Ukraine” was 110 billion UAH.