In 2016, Ukraine’s gas consumption decreased by 0.6 bcm compared to 2015 (from 33.8 to 33.2 bcm, -2%).

Gas consumption in regulated market segments increased by 0.4 bcm (+2%).

In 2016, households used 11.9 bcm, which is 0.6 bcm more than in 2015 (+5%).

Last year, DHCs used 0.2 bcm less gas to generate heat for households (from 5.9 to 5.7 bcm, -3%).

Religious organizations receiving gas for heating their non-commercial facilities at the reduced price used 19 mcm last year against 17 mcm in 2015. This category of consumers accounts for 0.06% of the total gas demand in Ukraine.

Gas consumption in unregulated segments declined by 0.6 bcm (-4%).

Gas consumption by DHCs for heating services to industrial and public sectors surged by 0.4 bcm (from 1.2 to 1.6 bcm, +33%).

The demand for gas from industrial customers declined by 1.3 bcm (from 11.2 to 9.9 bcm, -12%).

Operating needs of gas production, transmission and distribution companies grew by 9% (from 3.3 bcm to 3.6 bcm). The increase is explained by a 23% growth of Russian gas transit through Ukraine. In 2016, Ukraine transited 82.2 bcm, 15.1 bcm more than in 2015. This resulted in a 13% growth (1.7 bcm) in operating gas needs of Ukrtransgaz.


Note: Figures may not add up due to rounding.