Ukraine covered its imported gas needs in 2018 with supplies from the EU market. Compared to 2017, gas imports decreased by 24.8% from 14.1 bcm to 10.6 bcm due to higher use of gas in underground gas storages.

Both Naftogaz and private companies decreased their imports – from 8.7 bcm to 7 bcm (-19.5%) and from 5.4 bcm to 3.6 bcm (-33.3%) respectively.

In total, 65 companies imported gas to Ukraine in 2018 (compared to 67 companies in 2017).

Naftogaz purchased gas from 18 European suppliers in 2018 (13 companies in 2017). None of them accounted for more than 30% of gas imported by Naftogaz.

Naftogaz has not been buying gas from Russia’s Gazprom since November 2015. Gazprom has refused to comply with the Stockholm arbitration award regarding volumes and conditions of supply under the contract with Naftogaz.

Sources: Naftogaz, Energy Ministry, State Statistics Service