In 2019, Ukraine imported gas exclusively from the European gas market. According to Ukrtransgaz, gas imports grew by 34.9% against 2018, increasing from 10.6 bcm to 14.3 bcm.

Naftogaz increased its imports from 7.0 bcm to 7.2 bcm (2.8%). The company imported relatively low volumes in Q1 2019 and increased injection in the second half of the year to ensure sufficient gas stocks for uninterrupted gas supply to its customers during the winter heating season. Private companies substantially increased their imports from 3.6 bcm to 7.1 bcm (97.2%).

The number of gas importers to Ukraine grew by 17%: 76 companies in 2019 compared to 65 companies in 2018.

Last year, Naftogaz acquired gas from 10 European suppliers compared to 18 companies in 2018.

Naftogaz has not been buying gas from Gazprom since November 2015.

Gas imports to Ukraine by source in 2018-2019, bcm

Gas imports to Ukraine in 2018-2019, bcm

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