The recovery of $2.6 billion from Russian Gazprom in favor of Naftogaz Ukrainy, according to the decisions of the Stockholm Arbitration, and the transition to European rules will truly restore balance in the mutual relations of the companies, Chief Commercial Director of Naftogaz Yuriy Vitrenko has said.

"We will insist on the application of European rules, which are a fair balance in the relations. And we will continue to forcibly recover $2.62 billion under the decisions of the previous arbitration and begin a new arbitration process demanding compensation from the understated tariff in 2018-2019 for $11.6 billion. We are restoring a real balance in relations with Gazprom!" he wrote on Facebook.

Vitrenko added that the Russian leadership sees "balance" in "colonial" hanging unreasonable losses to Ukraine but Naftogaz will not agree with such an option.

Earlier the press service of Naftogaz noted that the arbitration decisions remain in force - Gazprom's debt is daily accrued at about $0.5%, while the main argument of Russians about the "linguistic expertise" was rejected by the court.