Budapest (MTI) – Gas deliveries from Hungary to Ukraine could soon resume, business daily Napi Gazdasag said on Friday.

FGSZ Foldgazszallito, the gas delivery unit of Hungarian oil and gas company MOL, suspended gas deliveries to Ukraine on Sept. 25 for an unspecified period, citing increased need for domestic supplies for the winter period as a reason. But with domestic gas storages already filled and lower level of supplies required because of mild weather, FGSZ is now reviewing the reason for the stoppage, the paper said. FGSZ said earlier that 16.8m cubic meters a day or an annual 6.1 billion cubic meters of maximum capacity has been technically available for gas deliveries to Ukraine from Hungary since March 2013. The availability of this capacity is not, however, guaranteed by FGSZ, it depends on technical and commercial conditions, the company said. Napi Gazdasag said that traders so far have exported less than 2 billion cubic metres of gas to Ukraine.