Earlier, Ukraine hoped for at least 10% growth of gas supplies from Hungary.

Hungary has increased its gas supplies to Ukraine

Hungary has increased daily volumes of gas supplies to Ukraine by 20% - from 5 to 5.9 million cubic meters per day, reports the press service of "Ukrtransgaz."

Hungary had been supplying nearly 5 million cubic meters per day to Ukraine until recently.

Ukraine receives the least volumes of gas from Hungary among all the EU countries. Ukraine imported nearly 1,1 billion cubic meters of gas from the EU in January 2015. The largest supplier of reverse gas to Ukraine was Slovakia. It supplied nearly 1 billion cubic meters of gas to Ukraine, while Hungary delivered only 60 million cubic meters of gas in the first month this year.

Ukraine increased its natural gas imports from Europe by 2.4 times in 2014(to 3 billion cubic meters) compared to 2013 year. Thus, Slovakia exported 3.6 billion cubic meters, Poland – 900 million cubic meters, Hungary – 600 million cubic meters of gas in 2014 to Ukraine.

At the same time, on the eve the media reported that after Putin's visit to Hungary, Victor Orban had agreed to completely abandon reverse gas supplies to Ukraine.