Russian Permanent Representative to the European Union Vladimir Chizhov views it unreal to stop Russian gas transit through Ukraine in the next few years.

“Is it possible to just switch off Ukraine and transit via Ukraine? So, by 2019 even by any stretch of imagination, even if there are no problems and some resistance, the Nord Stream II and TurkStream with all further network projects, are probably unreal to build. Therefore, one should think about further perspective,” Chizhov told journalists during a TV link-up with Brussels.

The term of the 10-year gas transit contract between Russia and Ukraine will expire in 2019, he said.

The extension of the contract with Ukraine depends on the progress of talks, Chizhov said. “What will be after 2019 will depend on those talks, which will be held closer to the end of the validity of the current contracts,” he said.

“There are some consumers, who are sitting on the Ukrainian pipe, for instance, Moldova,” Chizhov said.

“Before some branch of TurkStream will reach it; they need to get gas somehow. This is not so unequivocal here. There are many questions. Mostly important is that everybody, who is involved in this, will be set for a constructive dialogue,” the Russian permanent representative to the EU said.