"We are not against negotiations. We are always ready to hold them. We are holding them with the desire to have a contract. We are holding them with the desire to have a normal relationship. At the same time, we clearly say that we always have Plan B. We have already realized this Plan B several times in our relations with Gazprom. Every time this plan saved the situation," Kobolyev said.

According to him, if Russia completes Nord Stream 2, Ukraine will be able to receive compensation through Naftogaz.

"Through a new trial in Stockholm, in which Naftogaz is demanding certain financial compensation from Gazprom through the mechanisms that are available to us by the current contract. We did not initiate it [the lawsuit], but we clearly showed that if an agreement is not reached with us, this will always have consequences," Kobolyev said.

He emphasized that the ultimate goal of negotiations between Naftogaz and Gazprom is the signing of a new contract for the longest period with the most favorable conditions for Ukraine.

The contract for Russian gas transit through Ukraine expires on December 31, 2019. Naftogaz said that at future negotiations it would propose that Russia transport 60 billion cubic meters of gas annually within ten years. According to the Ukrainian gas company, the proposal is being coordinated with European partners, and it is based on the European approach to the formation of the gas transit tariff.

Negotiations between Ukraine, Russia and the European Union on a new contract for Russian gas transit are due to take place in September. Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said on July 26 that Russia had offered Ukraine to extend the current gas transit contract for a year.