Andriy Kobolev, the CEO of Naftogaz Ukrainy, predicts that in a few years five to seven large companies will be present in the retail gas market.

"I really expect that in 2-3 years, five to seven rather big companies will operate in this market, each of which will offer a high-quality and wide range of services and products," Kobolev said on the air of Ukraine 24 Channel.

At the same time, he stressed that companies that cannot meet the needs of clients have nothing to do in this market.

"There are quite a lot of traders in the Ukrainian market. This is not an easy business. It requires high-quality gas supply, a supply portfolio, customer service, money and capital. Therefore, the changes that will occur in the near future - small traders who do not bring any value to consumers and cannot offer them at least a decent level of Internet service, will become uncompetitive," the expert said.