In the event of sanctions introduced against Russian companies on natural gas transit to Europe, this work can be done by companies which were not affected by this restriction, Naftogaz Ukrainy said in a statement issued on Monday. "The introduction of sanctions restrict transit of resources can limit or preclude further provision of gas-transportation services to certain contractors on the part of Naftogaz and Ukrtransgaz, in which case natural gas transportation services across Ukraine into the EU, Turkey and Moldova can be entrusted to contractors not falling under the sanctions. To that end, they need to sign direct contracts with the operator of the Ukrainian gas transportation system," the statement said. Russia to get oil technologies from Norway and Switzerland The state holding company stressed that if passed, the Ukrainian bill on sanctions proposed to Verkhovna Rada by the Cabinet on August 8, 2014, will not mean automatic introduction of special economic and restrictive measures set out in the document. The bill creates a legal framework for restrictions with respect to certain types of economic activity, including the provision of resources transportation services. Such a restriction can be introduced by the National Security and Defense Council upon its filing by Verkhovna Rada, the President, the Cabinet, the National Bank or the Security Service. Naftogaz said it remains a reliable partner in gas transit into the EU. "Throughout this crisis, the company has not registered a single complaint about the quality of its gas-transportation services despite the most difficult relations between Ukraine and the gas supplying country, gas supplies being stopped for the Ukrainian consumers since mid-June and the artificial barriers to use of the available facilities for gas transportation to Ukraine from the EU countries," the statement said. "Naftogaz confirms its readiness to ensure natural gas transportation for European consumers in future," its CEO Andrei Kobolev said, according to the press release. On August 8 Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk stated that the sanctions proposed by the Cabinet against Russia could include a ban on flights and transit of resources via Ukraine.