Ukraine supports the initiative of the European Union on resumption of the natural gas monitoring and the country is ready to receive a group of international experts arriving to Kyiv on January 30, Energy and Coal Industry Minister Volodymyr Demchyshyn said at a meting with Polish, Slovakian, Czech, Hungarian, German and EU ambassadors.

According to the press release of the ministry, meeting participants discussed natural gas transit to Europe via Ukraine and defined measures that will promote gas transit transparency and increase guarantees for European partners.

Demchyshyn said that Ukraine is fully fulfills its liabilities to international partners on the stable transit of Russian gas to Europe.

The minister also told the meeting participants that there is a proposal to move the natural gas transfer points from western borders Ukraine-Europe to the Ukrainian border with Russia. Thus, one could avoid any manipulation by Russia, and European gas companies will receive a chance to sign transit agreements directly with Ukraine.

"Europe will be able to select the transit territory and there will be competition among the routes," he said, expressing hope that Brussels will support Ukraine in the issue.

Demchyshyn also told the ambassadors that current global trends on the energy markets, seasonality and support by the European Europe will promote the strengthening of Ukraine's positions in the negotiations on the defining of the new price of Russian gas as a part of the negotiations on the price of the summer package.