This writes the Russian newspaper Kommersant, citing a draft action plan of the European Commission.

According to the publication, the document can be presented in January.

A key element will be his idea of ​​joint procurement European gas companies, but we are talking about the new limits for investments of Russian companies in the European energy sector.

As noted, Commissioner for Energy, Trade, Industry and competition is expected to charge during 2015 to develop a detailed scheme of joint purchases of imported gas .

The point is that European consumers can associate to negotiations with gas suppliers from outside the EU should increase “market power” European companies.

It is reported that & nbsp; the scheme of joint purchases of gas is planned to present no later than the first quarter of 2015.

Second, the same four European Commissioners be instructed to “discuss investment companies in third countries, such as Russia, the European energy market (infrastructure, distribution, gas and electricity) in the context of energy security “.

This paragraph directly aimed against” Gazprom “which owns various assets in the EU, it says.

Note that the conclusions of the European Council of 18 December on the results of the EU summit is a call to the European Commission “to present comprehensive proposals on EU energy union to the EU summit in March”.

Earlier, it was reported that “Gazprom” wants to persuade Europe to buy gas bypassing Ukraine.