Joint use of the complex of underground gas storage facilities (UGSF) of Ukraine, which is one of the largest in the world, will considerably enhance energy security in Europe. Given the current potential of the domestic gas transport system, Ukraine suggests that European countries use underground gas storage facilities in the west of the country. The complex can ensure flexibility of gas flows and operation of strategic reserves.
Ukrtransgaz’s deputy chief engineer Oleh Mykhalevych said this at an international seminar entitled Energy Future and Security taking place in Tbilisi (Georgia).
Oleh Mykhalevych noted that the total capacity of Ukrtransgaz’ UGSF makes up almost 31 billion cubic meters. At that the capacity required for the needs of Ukrainian consumers over the recent years is about 15 billion cubic meters. Therefore, Ukrainian UGSF can store up to 15 billion cubic meters of natural gas for European companies, which will substantially reduce dependence of consumers in Europe on the dynamics of current supplies.
“Ukrtransgaz is open for co-operation in underground gas storing and is ready to sign respective contracts with European companies,” Oleh Mykhalevych noted.