All international financial institutions are expecting positive changes in the Ukrainian economy, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has stated.

"Both the IMF and the World Bank, the EBRD and other international financial institutions clearly state they are expecting positive changes for the better in 2016," the president said during his visit to Ternopil.

He noted that Ukraine has adequately overcome the challenges it faced in 2014-2015.

"These challenges could lead to default, there was the threat of bankruptcy of the banking system, and we did not allow a default," the head of state said.

In addition, he said the authorities are taking steps to improve the situation in public procurement, ensuring the energy independence of the country.

"Of course, in the conditions when Russia decided to declare an embargo on a significant part of Ukrainian goods... we demonstrated that we are able to defend ourselves. Today we are energy independent, because when Russia tried to block gas supplies, we said we would dispense without your gas," Poroshenko said.