In an interview “Ukrainian Truth” said the head of “Naftogaz” Andrew Kobolyev.

“Higher gas prices for households was a prerequisite of the IMF program and the Government Tymoshenko and the Government Azarov. Each of them is legally pledged to bring tariffs to import parity level for 2.5-3 years. The money was, not fulfilled obligations “, - said Kobolyev.

He showed a graph which reflects these promises.

According to Kobolyeva, postponing gas price increase has brought the country “in a situation that is those decision makers have simply had no other choice”.

“This time Ukraine received the money only after the actual decision to substantially increase retail prices. This sharp increase had to do now because previous governments did not do it gradually, yet had the opportunity,” - said Kobolyev.

He said that “given past experience, the IMF initially proposed a much more aggressive solutions. The result has been agreed with the softest discussed all graphs (price increase - Ed.)”.

As you know, the head “Naftogaz” advocates that all gas prices in Ukraine should be market, or citizens and the state will bear the loss.