Naftogaz of Ukraine welcomes the results of the Energy Community Secretariat's (ECS) review of the proposal for Naftogaz unbundling submitted by the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine (MECI) and its conditional approval. According to the ESC, the MECI’s proposal must be amended to meet all conditions and requirements posed by the Secretariat in the conditional approval and submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for approval as the Restructuring Plan of NJSC Naftogaz with a view to separate natural gas transmission activities.

Naftogaz is ready to start the implementation of the Restructuring Plan as soon as the ECS's comments are incorporated and the document is formally approved by the government. The company fully shares the ECS view that a firm roadmap should be set and the unbundling process launched not later than by 1 June 2016.
«Naftogaz fully realizes the urgency of the implementation of the Third Energy Package to develop an efficient gas market in Ukraine and to confirm Ukraine's status of a reliable transit partner. The company is ready to start implementing the amended TSO unbundling action plan without delay. Naftogaz is grateful to the ECS for organising open and detailed discussions with the International Financial Organisations, NGOs and other stakeholders, as well as for the thorough and competent analysis of all the relevant details of the unbundling process», commented Andriy Kobolyev, CEO of Naftogaz.