As of 29 December 2017, Naftogaz paid UAH 106.0 billion of taxes and dividends to the state budget in 2017.

This includes UAH 14.3 billion of corporate tax, UAH 30.2 billion of VAT, UAH 33.9 billion of royalties and UAH 13.3 billion of dividends. Naftogaz’ contribution to the state budget in 2017 has exceeded that in 2016 by almost 1.5 times.

Payments from Naftogaz group accounted for nearly 14% of total revenues of the state budget in 2017, compared with UAH 68.8 billion of Ukraine’s defense budget and UAH 51.1 billion of gas subsidies for households covered by the state budget.

Naftogaz group remains the biggest taxpayer to Ukraine’s state budget, just like the previous year.