Gazprom has nominated 174.3 million cubic meters (mcm) of gas for transit by Naftogaz tomorrow (March 6). By comparison today (March 5) Gazprom’s transit order stood at 110.3 mcm. Thus, Gazprom’s order for transit to the European Union jumped by 58% in one day.

According to the existing technical agreement between the parties, daily volumes at the Uzhhorod station can fluctuate within a band of no more than ±4.5% while volumes through the other stations on the western border of Ukraine may deviate by no more than ±6.5%. If Gazprom’s order on a given day exceeds the above stated fluctuations the Russian company is required to ensure that it either has sufficient amounts of its own gas in Ukrainian underground storage facilities or supplies the required extra volumes 36 hours before the expected fulfilment of the order.

Gazprom does not store gas in Ukrainian underground storages and has not provided the extra volumes in advance. If Gazprom has not made the correct arrangements for exceeding the maximum daily volume fluctuation then Ukraine is not responsible for the execution of such an order. Nevertheless, Naftogaz intends to execute the order for March 6 in its entirety.