Ukraine is ready for a constructive dialogue at trilateral talks in Brussels (the EU, Ukraine, Russia) on the long-term transit of gas to Europe through Ukraine, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin has said.

"We are ready to participate in a constructive dialogue, but it must be based on very clear conditions. And one of the most important conditions is the spread of European norms in order to have a clear, transparent and effective basis for future transit. Thus, on January 21, when we talk in Brussels, our position will be based on this simple but very important moment," he said at a press conference in Vilnius.

Klimkin also noted that the non-proliferation of EU norms on the Nord Stream 2 project contradicts the energy security of Europe.

"Our position on future transit as well as on the European energy security is absolutely clear: we are ready to accept all relevant EU regulations for our gas transportation system. We are confident that future transit should be based on transparent and efficient EU regulations. This will mean, for example, that gas will be purchased on the eastern border of Ukraine, the transit tariff will be calculated on the basis of the European methodology, management will be based on European standards," the diplomat concluded.