Ukraine on Thursday imported 44.65 million cubic meters of gas from EU countries, hitting a new daily record after increasing gas supplies from Slovakia on January 25, according to data from gas suppliers in Hungary and Slovakia.

According to the Slovak company Eustream, the amount of gas it sent to Ukraine on Thursday totaled 41.411 million cubic meters.

According to Hungarian gas supplier FGSZ, on January 29, daily gas imports to Ukraine totaled 3.236 million cubic meters. The company has the capacity to supply up to 16 million cubic meters to Ukraine per day.

As reported earlier, Ukraine, from January 25 increased gas imports from the EU by 30%, to around 42.7 million cubic meters per day. In 2014 Ukraine decreased its gas imports from Russia by 44% compared to 2013, to 14.5 billion cubic meters, and doubled its gas imports from the EU, to 5.1 billion cubic meters.